update 8/16/18

at the time of writing this;

>completely new website layout; ditched image heavy eyestrain-y neon for a more digestable look. i honestly prefer it a lot more. maybe ill give rainbow neon vomit its own page in the future.
>added links page, contact page, and this updates page.
>made brand new banner. am ditching the old 88x31 buttons and making new ones to accomodate for this webpages brand new (hopefully) forever name, fool on the planet. pretty fuckin sweet, huh?

today i also plan to;

>make a new webmaster page.
>incorporate blinkies, buttons, and stamps somewhere. maybe theyll get their own page.
>create music page and put up the featured song for this week.

taking a break now to eat something. catch you on the flipside.

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